Maranto’s Restaurant Covid Response

We have taken great care and consideration assessing the risk of Covid-19 to both our staff and customers. While we cannot guarantee zero risk,
we can assure you that we have taken the following steps and
ask that you do the same. Our risk assessment can be found online.

Help Us, Help You

Please follow these steps and rest assured our staff do the same.

If you have a temperature, or any other symptom, please do not enter the restaurant.

Please sanitise your hands before entering the premises.

Keep apart at all times, where possible.
Please follow instructions from staff and all posted signage.

If possible, make a reservation or phone ahead.
Our number is 01517277200.

What we are doing…

We have set up numerous hand sanitiser stations throughout the restaurant and kitchen. Staff are advised to wash their hands frequently. This is common practice in the restaurant industry, though we are doing it even more often.

We are limiting contact between our staff, staggering starting and finishing times. At critical handover points, we avoid face to face contact and have demarcated the floor to help assist in social distancing.

In regards to food preparation, we already have a high hygiene rating. We are going beyond this by staying apart in different work stations, limiting access to food storage, following one way traffic system whilst moving, and following a stringent sanitising of products received from our suppliers.

The restaurant has been thoroughly deep cleaned prior to our reopening. We also clean and sanitise the premises daily. High risk areas such as menus, cutlery, and condiments are cleaned and sanitised after every use.

We have provided staff with face masks and shields to prevent the possible spread from asymptomatic people. These are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised after every use.

Management is continually communicating with staff on training, health and safety, and hygienic processes following government advice and regulations.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerned please let the staff know. This is a learning process and ongoing issue. Our email address is